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Cliffs Test Prep NCLEX- PN Book PDF Free Download


Who to help CliffsTest Prep NCLEX-PN books PDF? CliffsTest Prep NCLEX-PN is a complete study guide to help you prepare for and pass the new NCLEX-PN (the National Council Licensure Examination that is required to obtain a license as a practical vocational nurse). This book helps to obtain your Licence.

About CliffsTest Prep NCLEX-PN book pdf

Book NameCliffsTest Prep NCLEX-PN
Auther Name Fred N. Grayson, Amy Anderson
Author Name 2.60 MB

Reviews of CliffsTest Prep NCLEX-PN book

Fred N. Grayson, Amy Anderson is a good writer and has good knowledge About the National Council Licensure Examination. The CliffsTest Prep NCLEX-PN book helps to achieve your goal. in this book, no theoretical part is available only questions and answers answer their regionals are available. in CliffsTest Prep NCLEX-PN minimum approx 2500+ questions are avalable.

Cliffs Test Prep NCLEX- PN

How to Read CliffsTest Prep NCLEX-PN

  • According to the Book Auther, the CliffsTest Prep NCLEX-PN book contains eight chapters, each chapter contains questions based on the newest version of the exam.
  • It covers the following topics, based on Reader’s Reuirment categories.
  • There are four basic Client Needs categories.
  • As you see below, two of these categories are broken down into six subcategories.
  • All the topics and subtopics are covered in this book, although many of them might be combined into similar topic areas.
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CliffsTest Prep NCLEX-PN Synopsis

Part 1 Subject Area Review Chapters

  • Coordinated Care.
  • Safety and infection Control.
  • Health Promotion and Maintenance.
  • Psychosocial Intigrity.
  • Basic Care and Comfort.
  • Pharmacological Therapes.
  • Reduction of Risk Potential.
  • Physiological Adaptation.

Part 2 NCELX-PN Practice TEST

  • NCLEX-PN Practice Test 1
  • NCLEX-PN Practice Test 2
  • NCLEX-PN Practice Test 3

About National Council Licensure Examination (CAT) Exams

Because the NCLEX-PN is computerized, it is called a CAT test, which mines stands for Computerized Adaptive Testing.
The computer adapts to your responses. You start with a moderately difficult question, and if you answer correctly, The next question is a little difficult in the National Council Licensure Examination.

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If you answer wrong, the next question becomes a little easier. essentially, computers Select questions based on your ability.

The more questions you answer, the more the computer will understand your answers and can prepare questions for you.

If your National Council Licensure Examination answers most of the questions correctly, you may have to require only 85 questions answer to demonstrate your mastery of the material required to pass the NCLEX-PN.

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If you answer a large number of questions wrong, the computer keeps trying easier questions until you get the answer correct. The maximum number of questions is 205.

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This is an Ossome book for CAT Exams. if you want to download the CliffsTest Prep NCLEX-PN book pdf, Please wait 40 seconds and download the CliffsTest Prep NCLEX-PN book pdf. Tanks you

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